Advanced digital solutions for O&M excellence and plant performance

As a part of our O&M concept, we provide optimal digital solutions for each customer’s environment for maximum security, efficient plant operations, energy management and optimisation, accurate data collection and analysis as well as smooth mobilisation and onboarding.

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Realise your full business potential with digital solutions for power plants

Digital technologies form an integral part of safe and flexible power plant operations. Our digital solutions, together with our extensive in-house know-how of O&M excellence and plant performance, ensure maximised returns throughout the life cycle of the asset. This holistic approach guarantees the best practices and a strong O&M culture for successful operation of your plant far into the future.

Our digital tools for supporting modern operation and maintenance

Power plants are operated today with dedicated, highly automated DCS.  The complexity of the projects, volatility of energy production and the need to constantly optimise production call for advanced digital solutions to simplify daily power plant operations. Daily, monthly and annual reports are required to evaluate plant performance from both environmental and production perspectives, and digital tools are also needed for proper production planning, storage handling and optimisation of maintenance.

Over the years, Fortum has developed tools to support both our own fleet as well as international customers’ O&M sites.

Remote support centre provides access to a large pool of experts

Our O&M customers are served by a technical support team that provides back office support and manages requests from sites as a central point of contact. Thanks to this remote support centre concept, the data from sites is available for analysis and action by our technical experts without delay, supporting the daily life at power plants. Through the remote support centre, on-site O&M teams also have access to a large pool of expert resources at Fortum, including turbine and generator, emissions, water chemistry, asset lifetime and maintenance experts.

Fortum's digital tools

  • TOPi is a browser-based tool for efficient power plant data management that helps monitor the performance of the equipment and enhance maintenance of the power plant. It retrieves data from the DCS and is compatible with various automation systems.
  • Fortum's Computerized Maintenance Management System based on IBM Maximo saves and maintains data on operational locations, equipment, inventory and suppliers. The data reported can be used for tracking faults, planning maintenance work and outages, managing the warehouse, acquisitions and inventories, and analysing maintenance costs.
  • The Apros training simulator is used for training and recruiting purposes at O&M sites. The software is designed for dynamic simulation of power plant processes and energy networks automation and control, as well as power systems. The Apros model is created for the specific plant and used for operator training.

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