Case example: Sensor failure at a CHP plant

6 hours of unavailability could have been avoided with basic process data monitoring.

Generator maintenance

Case description: Sensor failure at a CHP plant

Exceeding a turbine vibration limit caused the turbine to shut down at our customer’s CHP plant. The customer contacted Fortum eNext for advice and our expert conducted a root-cause analysis on the basis of operational data on bearing vibrations and temperatures. The data was provided by the customer in a separate Excel file. 

Our expert recognised that only one signal of many exceeded the alarm limit for a couple of seconds. Further discussions with the customer revealed that the sensor and cabling had been exposed by hot steam.

Fortunately, this time the operational data was available; otherwise, determining the reason for the shut down would have required on-site borescope, bearing inspection and travelling to the site. 

Remote monitoring would have enabled instant data access for Fortum eNext experts through a real-time data stream. An in-depth analysis could have been conducted right away and the unavailability could have been decreased from 6 hours to only 1 hour.


Remote Monitoring Basic package: process data monitoring and analysis

  • Remote connection to data enables fast support from the remote support center and expert network
  • 20 hours of expert support annually included
  • Ideal for small-sized municipal utilities

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