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15.09 EET

Tees biomass fired renewable energy plant in Teesside, United Kingdom, 2017- ongoing

Fortum’s world-class operation and maintenance (O&M) concept and valuable experience as an owner and operator of biomass-fired power plants contributed to customer’s choice. The Tees operation and maintenance agreement is a continuation of a long history of Fortum’s O&M services in the UK.


10.51 EET

Içanadolu combined-cycle power plant, O&M consultancy services, 2015–2017

Fortum’s international expertise providing operation and maintenance (O&M) services convinced the customer. Fortum’s O&M Consulting Services provide O&M mobilisation know how with Fortum’s high level quality systems, safety and maintenance reliability tools to the new İçanadolu power plant.


10.38 EET

Tanjung Jati B, Indonesia, TOPi® system delivery 2011–2012

Fortum’s TOPi® Process Information and Optimization was chosen to ensure the plant’s top notch performance.