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Göteborg Energi Ecotuning

Göteborg Energi power plants, Gothenburg, Sweden

Full scope Ecotuning® project 2009-2010

Fortum Ecotuning® finds the weak links in your operational economy, no matter if it is the latest CCGT or old conventional power plant
Göteborg Energi power plants:
Göteborg Energi power plants Details


Rya heat pump plant





Project duration:



2*50 & 2*25 MW

1 of 3 large HOBs

2 steam boilers, 2 ST, 3 HOB

Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg Energi AB


Full scope Ecotuning® Project


Description of the project

Ecotuning® project’s target was to reduce plant annual fuel consumption by 1 % without any major investments. Any proposed investment payback time should be less than four years. Also the target in this project was to keep or even increase power production while keeping the heat production unchanged.

Power plants were modelled by using Fortum’s own power plant simulator (Solvo®). This ensured accurate calculation for each improvement impact on plant performance. List of improvements were established in co-operation with the customer. Each item profitability was calculated including action plan for implementation.

Customer benefits

Findings and investments:

• Total number of improvements proposed: 12 (7 without any investment)

Investments required:

• totally > 500 k€

Payback time for investments:

• All savings below 2 a



”We selected Fortum as our partner to analyse and improve our own power plants’ performance. Fortum has expertise which supplements our own experience and excellent product - Fortum Ecotuning®

Manager Lena Lilienberg

Göteborg Energi, Ruotsi

Ecotuning Göteborg Energi, Sweden Lena Lilienberg

Ilkka Salmensaari
Product Manager
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