Emission control for thermal plants

Our low-NOx burners have excellent nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction. They prevent high-temperature corrosion and control unburnt carbon (UBC) in fly ash.

Thermal emission control

Tailored solutions for you

Our specialists can design and tailor the optimal solution for the combustion system of your power plant according to your needs.

Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)

Our low-NOx burners are built for rapid ignition, a stable flame, high combustion efficiency and a wide turn-down ratio as well as slagging in furnace. The selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) system is a technology which can reduce NOx emissions by 30–40%.

Low-NOx burners and emission reduction

Combining the state-of art low-NOx combustion with the SNCR system is an economical way of reaching an NOx level below 200 mg/m3n.

Key benefits

  • Simplified concept and construction
  • Sophisticated automation control
  • Reduced investment costs due minimum change of existing structure
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Short implementation period due to easy installation
  • Minimum modification for auxiliary equipment
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • No by-products for disposal
  • Controls ammonia

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