Combustion optimisation for thermal plants

An optimal combustion environment in the boiler provides for an efficient burning and minimises flue gas emissions.

CFD is a versatile tool for combustion modeling

The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) used for combustion modeling is a versatile tool for process optimisation as well as for the design and troubleshooting of combustion. It is suitable for any boiler improvement or performance evaluation project.

Key benefits of computational fluid dynamics

  • Models based on theories of physics and chemistry:
  • Model is updated based on feedback from actual process
  • Can be used for modelling pulverised fired boilers as well as fluidised bed boilers
  • 3-dimensionality
  • Both visual and numerical results
  • Design, problem solving and optimisation
  • Qualitative and easy comparison of alternatives
  • Good quantitative accuracy
  • Cheaper and faster than measuring or experimentation on-site
  • Ability for scaling

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