Hydro OpX services for Hydroelectric Power Plants

Using our century long experience in Hydropower operations, Fortum is now deploying expert-advisory services supporting other Hydropower utilities in their journey towards Operational Excellence!


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Fortum’s journey in Hydro Operational Excellence: a clear ambition setting to continuously improve business performance

Hydropower is the most important form of renewable energy in the Nordic countries. In addition to being a renewable energy source, it is also predictable, reliable and flexible. This gives hydropower a leading role in the change towards a decarbonized and renewable future. Therefore, we believe that it deserve the highest attention in terms of management and operation.

"An intense focus on costs and value in parallel of a research of continuous improvement has driven Fortum to implement a top-tier operating model."

Toni Kekkinen, Vice Precident, Hydro, Fortum

Over a century of experience in hydropower, Fortum has developed an operating model that is among the most advanced in the world.

Through regular independent review and internal audits, we have committed ourselves to find new ways to improve our processes and developed our own best practices year after year. As a result, while keeping a high availability of our assets, we have significantly reduced our Opex spend and prolonged the re-investment cycle with sometimes up to 20 years with remained risk-control. Based on prioritization, condition analysis and lifetime assessment we implemented a systematic approach that enables us to take the right decisions at the right time.

Out of our annual production of 25 TWh, we have 97% availability and only 1% loss due to unplanned unavailability.

Sustainability is at the core of Fortum’s strategy and therefore our operating model sets high ambitions on both short and long term. As a responsible and efficient operator, we always integrate optimization of production, safety and respect for the multi-use of water.

"Fortum’s position is to share these best practices and to develop services offering to industry-peers as a lever to continue to improve."

Toni Kekkinen, Vice Precident, Hydro, Fortum

We strongly believe that our experience and know-how can bring additional value creation to other Hydro operators throughout the whole hydro value chain from asset management to production optimization. This is why we are now deploying expert-advisory services to industry-peers capitalizing on our abilities.

Our goal is to enable operators to develop their own asset management capabilities and reach their target performance by implementing concepts and tools at a faster pace.


As we are striving to maintain our top-tier level, by delivering advisory services to customers with relevant and high expectations, we create a win-win case beneficial for both parties. 

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Toni Kekkinen, Vice President, Hydro, Fortum

Short stories

Fortum is always looking for continuous improvement and innovates its operation by deploying new tools and processes.

Production optimization

Based on its long experience as an electrical producer, Fortum has developed Apollo, a tool based on the stochastic optimisation method of electrical production. It can forecast 45 water use scenarios simultaneously, thus allowing us to develop production plans that integrate these uncertainties and considerably improve the flexibility of hydroelectric production. It is in part thanks to this tool that we can ensure more efficient hydroelectric production that meets the real needs of consumers.

Hybrid battery

Fortum has found a way to boost the regulation performance of its hydropower plants through an innovative combination of hydroelectric power and a large set of lithium ion batteries. While increasing the capacity offering of the power plant, it also decrease the wear and tear of the turbine. This innovative project can be replicated for Fortum’s clients.

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Digitalization and preventive maintenance

In several of our power plants, we have implemented an anomaly detection system that allows us to intervene before technical failures occur. This system is based on the control and monitoring of numerous signals. When these do not conform to an expected scenario, an early warning mechanism is put in place to detect undesirable events and allows us to manage incidents before they occur, thereby optimizing production by reducing costs and increasing the availability of our production assets.

Environmental innovation

In 2020 Fortum installed a fish transportation system, called Whooshh, at the Forshaga power plant on the River Klarälven in Sweden. It was the first installation in Sweden. The system enables the smooth transportation of salmon and trout from a trap to a truck and further to upstream spawning areas.

An innovative solution for migrating fish called Fishheart was tested during two years at the Spjutmo power plant in River Dalälven in Sweden. It is a Finnish fishway innovation which uses water pressure to help fish pass migration obstacles.

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