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Fortum has organized his offer around four main business products. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs and challenges.



Production optimization

Our task is to support you optimize your hydro production considering market opportunities while ensuring safe operation. From physical trading to dispatching we can adapt to your needs offering a full on-boarding contract or only consulting services.

Total Maintenance optimization

Thanks to our expertise in hydro portfolio management, we can support you in developing an holistic planning of all your investments. Our lifetime analysis and major probability concepts can be implemented with the ranking tool we created for our owns assets.

Availability optimization

Optimize the schedule for outages can be tricky. Fortum can help you to minimize the profit loss of your availabilities taking into account the usual and specific constraints.

Maintenance execution

Well defined and harmonized Pre-determined Maintenance program is one of the key-tool for high availability. Using a methodology based on categorized plants and dams, our goal is to optimize your costs and increase your flexibility while working in a safe way.

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Hydro OpX services for Hydroelectric Power Plants