Nuclear Decommissioning

Services for nuclear decommissioning
Services for nuclear decommissioning

Services for Nuclear Decommissioning

For more than 30 years, Fortum has been a forerunner in nuclear decommissioning and waste management. We are in an active role in the Nordic decommissioning projects. Together with our partners, we cover the full value chain of a nuclear decommissioning project, including waste management and disposal related services.

Nuclear Decom­mis­sioning expertise

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Nuclear Decommissioning

Decommissioning Planning

Nuclear decommissioning project cost vary from hundreds of millions to a billion euros. Decommissioning planning plays a key role in establishing the cost level. Our approach to decommissioning planning considers nuclear waste disposal and treatment solutions as early during operation as possible.

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Nuclear Decommissioning

Pre-decommissioning Activities & Facility Shutdown Activities

The preparation for decommissioning is a key issue for a successful decommissioning project. Fortum’s approach to preparation is to make strategy development as early as possible because it creates the boundaries for whole decommissioning project.

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Fortum Nuclear dismantling work

Nuclear Decommissioning


Disman­tling activ­ities usually define the structure and schedule of a decom­mis­sioning project. Draw on our experience to ensure even the challenging disman­tling tasks are carried out in time and budget.

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Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste

Waste Management in Decommissioning

Decommissioning waste management is the key to a successful decommissioning project. Fortum has unique knowledge of treatment and handling of activated and contaminated nuclear waste.

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Nuclear Decommissioning

Project Management, Engineering and Support

We have long experience from different kinds of decom­mis­sioning projects and programs in addition to other nuclear projects. Utilising our compe­tence, the cost and schedule overruns of a first-of-a-kind project can be avoided.

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Nuclear Decom­mis­sioning products



NURES® – Liquid Waste Treatment

Customisable solutions for purification of radioactive liquid waste through use of highly selective ion exchange materials.

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Fortum's turn-key solutions for nuclear decommissioning and waste management

Comprehensive decommissioning services

Fortum offers comprehensive decommissioning services which cover decommissioning planning and dismantling services as well as waste management activities. Our experience ranges from decommissioning of research reactors and laboratories to full scale nuclear power plants.

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Our nuclear decommissioning capability areas:

• Pre-decommissioning activities
• Facility shutdown activities
• Digital services for smooth decommissioning
• Dismantling in controlled area
• Conventional dismantling, demolition, and site restoration
• Waste processing, treatment, storage, and disposal
• Project management, engineering, and support

Antti Ketolainen, Nuclear Services

Antti Ketolainen

Senior Manager
Decommissioning and Waste
Tel: +358 40 751 8956
Antti [dot] V [dot] Ketolainen [at] fortum [dot] com

Nuclear power

We offer services for the whole life-cycle of nuclear power plants