Design Phase / Apply for Construction License

Key challenges

Risks related to design changes

Design changes typically create risks for a newbuild project in terms of significant delays and cost overruns. Design changes should be minimized, but cannot be fully avoided. The resulting risks must be manageable before the final investment decision is made and the contract signed. This is especially relevant for a first-of-a-kind design, but also for a first-in-a-country design.

Fortum´s Value Proposition

Fortum’s experience from newbuild projects, various technologies and a challenging licensing environment means that we have the ability to identify the typical risks involved and have the needed experience in planning and implementing relevant mitigating actions. In particular, we can support the Customer in tackling licensing risks, which are a unique characteristic of nuclear projects.

Fortum can support the Customer in setting up a separate design project prior to final investment decision which can be beneficial for adequately identifying and solving possible risks for design changes due to local conditions or national licensing requirements.

Nuclear power

Support for Nuclear Newbuild projects