Site Selection / Characterization

Key challenges

Finding optimal location

Selecting the location for a nuclear power plant is a crucial step with far-reaching consequences. Environmental and seismic conditions, plant elevation, soil properties, and cooling water arrangements have a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the plant and, thus, influence both the direct investment cost and the net output of the plant. The environmental impact of the plant is also important when considering public acceptability.

Emergency planning zone is currently one of the key issues regarding the location of a plant. This is particularly relevant for SMRs, where existing industrial sites as well as urban sites may be attractive alternatives.

Fortum┬┤s Value Proposition

Regarding site selection /characterization Fortum can provide services and expertise, for example, in the following areas:

  • Environmental studies (desktop and field)
  • Cooling water modeling
  • Radiation dispersion analyses and modeling
  • Radiation dose calculations
  • Analyzing the effects of site and environmental conditions on plant design
  • Specification of site-related design basis, including seismic hazard evaluation
  • Emergency planning

The Customer can also benefit from our vast experience in conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures in Finland.

We are familiar with all the topics related to selection of optimal site and site characterization either through our own projects or though consultation of third parties. Based on our first-hand experience, we understand the importance and impact of these topics on plant design, constructability, and operation and maintenance over the entire plant lifecycle.


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