ADLAS - Advanced Licensing and Safety Design method for Nuclear Facilities

Fortum ADLAS ensures safety and licensability of your nuclear facility.

See how Fortum ADLAS® ensures the safety and licensability of your nuclear facility

Speed up licensing with ADLAS

Our expertise and experience in safety design and licensing of nuclear facilities cover the whole life-cycle of nuclear power from plant new builds to decommissioning and final disposal of nuclear waste. For decades we have been able to successfully license nuclear facilities and meet the tightest regulatory requirements for nuclear safety. The key contributor for "once-through" licensing of nuclear facilities has been ADLAS - Advanced Licensing and Safety Design method for Nuclear Facilities.

ADLAS - hierarchy, transparency and traceability

ADLAS is an advanced requirement and configuration management method for safety design of nuclear facilities. ADLAS produces hierarchical licensing documentation with traceability from facility level requirements to equipment level specifications. Since requirements are set to each level of the hierarchy, also Verification & Validation activities become hierarchical and predefined.

ADLAS also provides structure for requirement and configuration database, which can be implemented to several database tools. ADLAS can be adapted to meet the specific demands of nuclear facility owners, vendors and authorities in diverse regulatory environments. The method can be used in new builds, major retrofits and license renewals of nuclear facilities. 

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