APROS® - Advanced Process Simulation Software

APROS® Nuclear is a comprehensive, accurate and user friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plants.

APROS® Nuclear simulation and analysis software has shown its excellence as a key contributor in assuring nuclear power projects achieve the highest plant safety and operational performance levels. It has been successfully used in a series of major nuclear power plant projects, including power upgrade, modernization, safety improvement, and new plant projects.


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High-fidelity simulation, a single tool:

  • Comprehensive plant model for reactor island, turbine island, balance of plant, electrical and automation systems 
  • Reactor types covered: BWR, PWR, VVER
  • 1D- and 3D neutronics solvers, incl. two-group nodal kinetic model
  • Thermal hydraulic solvers incl. six-equation, and three-equation flow models
  • Fully graphical user interface for model configuration and simulation
  • Connectivity to third party software

Key benefits:

  • Vendor independent code owned by NPP owner-operator and research organization 
  • More realistic transient behavior due to less boundary conditions assumptions; real physical feedback e.g. between turbine and reactor plant models
  • Quick and easy-to-use fully graphical model configuration, simulation and maintenance
  • Extensively verified code and validated models against real measurement data

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Sales Manager, Apros Nuclear & VR
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