Control Room Design Services

Safety, licensability and good ergonomics for I&C modernizations and control room upgrades.

NS Control Room

Advanced solutions for safe and ergonomic control rooms

Based on Fortum’s background as a nuclear power plant operator and a license holder, we have the ability to look at control room design from the client’s and end-user’s perspective. We develop our design tools and solutions to continuously improve the performance, safety and ergonomics of our own and client’s control rooms.

Customized services for your needs

Fortum’s control room design and consulting services cover projects ranging from small improvements to complete control room implementations, including services from pre-engineering to commissioning and licensing. The scope can easily be customized to your needs.

Our services are vendor independent, which enables our customers to select preferred systems, and we ensure that the control room will stay uniform.

Key benefits:

  • One designer for all human machine interfaces and control room layouts – one uniform control room 
  • User-centered design from the early beginning of the project to successful commissioning – satisfied end-users
  • Advanced V&V tools and methods – less iterations during the design process 
  • Requirement based design through ADLAS concept – successful licensing

Fortum's control room design and Verification & Validation services

  • ​Initial clarifications and requirement specifications

  • Independent design reviews

  • Control room layout design

  • Human Machine Interface design (HMI)

  • Procurement specifications

  • Engineering and training simulators with APROS and Immersive VR control rooms

  • Virtual panel and VR control room design and deliveries

  • Verification and Validation services (V&V)

For more information:

Miko Olkkonen
Project Management & Digitalisation, Fortum
Tel: +358 40 518 7535
[email protected]

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