ADLAS® - Advanced Nuclear Licensing and Safety Design Method for Nuclear Facilities

Speed up licensing with ADLAS®!

Increased safety

More accurate requirement management for critical systems

For nuclear power plants
Reduced risk of delays

Well structured licensing documents with good traceability of requirements

Cost efficient

Graded safety approach reduces investment and O&M costs by avoiding oversizing equipment

See how the Fortum ADLAS® method works

Fortum ADLAS® ensures the safety and licensability of your nuclear facility.

Our expertise and experience in safety design and licensing of nuclear facilities covers the whole life-cycle of nuclear power from new builds to decommissioning and the final disposal of nuclear waste. For decades we have been able to successfully license nuclear facilities and meet the tightest regulatory requirements for nuclear safety. The key contributor for the "once-through" licensing of nuclear facilities has been ADLAS® - Advanced Licensing and Safety Design method for Nuclear Facilities: A systematic configuration management method that has been proven to be an  efficient way to formulate nuclear plant requirements. It delivers a complete, unified and hierarchical licensing documentation with clear traceability from plant level requirements to equipment level specifications. 


• Plant level safety design
• Functional architecture engineering
• Automation architecture engineering
• Process, electrical and layout architecture
• Control room and procedures architecture
• Analyses concept specification
• Qualification and test concepts

Fortum ADLAS® Background

Nuclear projects have typically faced licensing challenges related to transparency and traceability of requirements and application of defense-in-depth in design. Especially when licensing digital automation systems or when changing the functionality of systems.

Fortum ADLAS® was developed as a response to these challenges during the Loviisa NPP automation renewal in Finland. Since then it has been used in several licensing projects successfully with Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). The method is compatible within most of nuclear regulatory environments.

ADLAS® can be used by Owners and Vendors in new builds, major retrofits and license renewals of nuclear facilities. 


Suvi Rein

Principal Engineer
Nuclear Safety and Systems Engineering
Suvi [dot] Rein [at] fortum [dot] com

Fortum ADLAS® Method

The ADLAS® Method is a systematic and well documented way to draft the licensing documents using a top-down approach. ADLAS® concentrates on the high level but also gives a solid basis for the lower level documents.


Requirements are elaborated in a unified way in order to create transparent requirement hierarchy. Since requirements are set to each level of the hierarchy,  Verification & Validation also become hierarchical and predefined.

The graded approach is applied in all the steps of the process leading to a high safety level in critical systems and an optimized cost level. Due to the nature of the method (traceability of the requirements through the structures), it is well received by regulators and enables once through licensing.


Suvi Rein

Principal Engineer
Nuclear Safety and Systems Engineering
Suvi [dot] Rein [at] fortum [dot] com

Suvi Rein

Principal Engineer
Nuclear Safety and Systems Engineering
Suvi [dot] Rein [at] fortum [dot] com