Nuclear Consulting for Newbuilds and Upgrades

Fortum's nuclear experts are ready to support your nuclear new build and upgrade projects

Design, Expert and Engineering Services

Longstanding expertise in several technical disciplines for supporting new builds and upgrades

Safety Engineering

We provide high quality safety assessments and analyses

Conceptual Design

Our experts can provide system design consulting

Fortum provides a wide variety of consulting services for new build and upgrade projects. We have experience in both supporting owners of new nuclear power plants as well as working alongside established nuclear utilities. By implementing our accumulated know-how from running the Loviisa NPPs as well as supporting multiple projects both in Finland and abroad, we will ensure that your project will succeed.

Studies and preparation for New Build nuclear projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Planning of site studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Safety Engineering
  • Safety evaluations and analysis
  • Preparation or review of technical specifications and other tender invitation and contract documents
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Implementation planning
  • Owner’s engineering
  • Control room design and validations
Kymäläinen Olli

Olli Kymäläinen

Head of Newbuild and Upgrades Services
Tel: +358 50 453 5388

Examples of delivered consulting services

  • Plant and functional architecture level documentation of safety systems, licensing documentation (based on ADLAS®). 2015 –
  • Support in I&C architecture level documentation (applying ADLAS®). 2017 -
  • Engineering simulator (based on Apros®). 2014 -
  • Mechanical engineering support. 2016 – 2018
  • Support in layout design, 2016 -
  • Support for O&M planning 2017-
  • Design of interim storage of spent fuel and compilation of Preliminary Safety Analysis Report and Construction License Application documents for it. 2016-2017
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of different alternatives for spent fuel interim storage. 2015-2016
  • Review of safety analyses. Hazard review. Support in evaluating seismic design basis. 2016
  • Support for writing PSAR chapters
Kymäläinen Olli

Olli Kymäläinen

Head of Newbuild and Upgrades Services
Tel: +358 50 453 5388

Modernization of safety and safety-related I&C systems

Main activities:

  • Project management
  • Schedule management
  • Engineering and Design management
  • V&V activities
  • Test strategy elaboration incl. qualification
  • Support in licensing process
  • Configuration management, change management, documentation management
  • Requirement management incl. Cyber security and HFE requirements
  • Supplier chain coordination
  • Control of I&C system suppliers
  • Site coordination
  • Training
Kymäläinen Olli

Olli Kymäläinen

Head of Newbuild and Upgrades Services
Tel: +358 50 453 5388