Support for nuclear I&C projects

Fortum ensures smoothly implemented nuclear I&C modernizations, upgrades and I&C design in newbuild projects by providing services to throughout the whole lifecycle of the project from defining the scope and requirements to testing of the commissioning procedures and training personnel.

Development tools and methods
Project development support

Fortum's support with work planning and conceptual design at an early phase of the project will help ensure smooth execution of the project.

For suppliers
Supplier independent

Fortum is independent from the I&C technology suppliers, but we have experience in working with all the key players.

Contract comparison
Proven methods and tools

Fortum has a good track record of using proven methods and tools for both for the technical implementation, work planning and management.


Improved execution of nuclear I&C projects

Fortum’s background as a nuclear power plant operator and a license holder with experience of many I&C modernization projects and I&C design in newbuild projects. This gives us unique insights in the client’s and end-user’s perspective. We have years of experience, extensive know-how of regarding I&C licensing and modernization in a demanding regulatory environment and we are familiar with the European perspective and standards. Through the modernization projects we have gained experience knowledge of various methods for project and delivery execution methods and we can help our customers avoid the most common pitfalls and challenges.

Key benefits

Proactive planning and addressing potential issues in the project development phase with Fortum’s support will enable smooth execution of the design and implementation phase of the project. Early phase support in conceptual design enables the our customer to accomplish clear work packages and efficient implementation without unplanned iterations in later project phases.

The utilization of a simulator in I&C projects helps to discover errors in design and system connections earlier in the project, decreases test field length by testing with process model and enables early of involvement of the power plant operators.

Fortum is independent from the I&C technology suppliers vendors, but we have extensive experience of working with the key vendors suppliers and are familiar with their most common practices and solutions.

We also provide easy access to and integration with Fortum’s other products and services, e.g. ADLAS method for licencing, Apros® simulator software and Control Room Design services.


Fortum provides services to support our customers throughout the nuclear I&C modernization or newbuild project from defining the scope and requirements for the project to testing of the commissioning procedures and training personnel. See below for more details of our offering for the different phases of the project.

Project initiation and definition
  • Support for identification of requirements
  • Support for clarification of delivery scope and defining the task description
  • Support for identifying the interface to the existing systems and documents
  • Support for identification of needed documentation
Invitation to tender and supplier evaluation
  • Preparation of invitation to tender documents
  • Supplier evaluation
Project planning with supplier candidates
  • Elaboration of requirements
  • Conceptual phase design: agreement of lifecycle and quality and qualification steps
  • Defining and agreement of processes, requirements management and configuration management
  • Life-cycle identification
  • Defining and agreement of the documents to be prepared (e.g. Quality plans, V&V plans, Qualification plans)
Project management and coordination
  • Project management
  • Schedule management
  • Engineering and Design management
  • Configuration management, change management, documentation management
  • Supplier chain coordination
  • Control of I&C system suppliers
  • Site coordination
Architecture level design
  • Creating the required plans for quality, V&V, qualification, cyber security, requirements management and configuration management
  • Elaboration of requirements for I&C architecture based on native requirements, plant constraints, and functional design
  • Specification of concepts regarding priority, diversification, periodical testing and self-diagnostics and independence
  • Development of I&C architecture specification
I&C review and consultation
  • Review of I&C design against for example regulatory requirements, European Utility Requirements (EUR) Rev.E or IEC standards (compliancy, gap analysis, improvement plans, etc.)
  • Evaluation of licensing strategy
  • Review of quality processes
  • Support with supplier assessments
  • Independent assessment of delivery scope
I&C licensing in Europe
Verification and validation through I&C lifecycle
  • V&V strategy and planning for I&C delivery project
  • Document review
  • Analyses (CCF, diversity, interface analysis, etc.)
  • Support in planning of qualification testing (software and hardware integration)
  • Commissioning planning
Simulator utilization in I&C lifecycle (Apros®)
  • Validating I&C functions in conceptual design phase
  • Dynamic Human Machine Interface (HMI) testing during design phase
  • Validating I&C in implementation phase
    • Evaluation of different kind of design/implementation options
    • Using emulated automation systems
    • Integration with I&C cabinets
    • For I&C modernization projects, integration testing with the existing surrounding systems
  • Controller tuning
  • Testing of commissioning procedures
  • Training and testing I&C with power plant operators

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