Planning of Decommissioning

Nuclear power plant’s decommissioning costs are hundreds of millions per plant unit. Fortum’s advanced decommissioning concept realizes your potential for cost savings.

Fortum's turn-key solutions for nuclear decommissioning and waste management

Reduction of decommissioning costs without compromising high level of safety

Large part of the nuclear power plant’s (NPP’s)decommissioning costs are due to labour and decommissioning waste disposal. Fortum’s approach to decommissioning planning considers nuclear waste disposal and treatment solutions already in the beginning of the NPP operation. This enables optimization of nuclear waste management operations and minimization of decommissioning costs.

Decommissioning planning for PWRs and BWRs

Our expertise covers the whole NPP lifecycle from preliminary to final decommissioning plans including strategies. We can create the initial decommissioning plan for a NPP and take full responsibility for its regular updates. If you already have a decommissioning plan, we can review it to identify areas of improvement and potential for cost savings.

Our services for decommissioning planning:

  •                         Decommissioning strategy, licensing, waste management planning and plan review
  •                         Waste inventory for nuclear plants and facilities
  •                         Update the work plan and cost estimate
  •                         Safety analyses for decommissioning works
  •                         Estimation of radiation dose rates
  •                         Activation analysis for inventory specification
  •                         Resource planning

We also offer:

  •                         Complete safety case for decommissioning waste disposal
  •                         Design of interim storage
  •                         Safety analysis for free released material
  •                         Water treatment with NURES

Olkiluoto NPP, Finland Decommissioning planning for BWR

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