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Nuclear Power Plant Operations & Maintenance and Digital Solutions

Fortum operates one of the world's most efficient nuclear power plants in Loviisa, Finland. The long time average capacity factors for both reactors have been more than 90%. To support our customers in achieving the next level in NPP performance, we deliver the most advanced and proven operations and maintenance technologies and expertise while also acting as a forerunner in utilizing digital solutions in engineering and plant personnel training.

Remaint Nuclear

Optimize your maintenance processes by refocusing resources on critical systems, structures and components

360° videos

Enhance understanding, collaboration and efficiency among NPP personnel

Reality Capture

The fastest and most cost-efficient way to collect as-is data of a plant site

Immersive training solutions

Take your training experience to the next level with our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator solutions.

Our operation and maintenance capability areas:

  • Maintenance management optimization
  • Outage optimization
  • Maintenance management data system (CMMS)
  • Equipment reliability management

Our training and digital solutions capability areas:

  • Training of NPP personnel and sub-contractors
  • Utilization of 360° videos and reality capture for training, communication, project management, engineering, safety and operations & maintenance
  • Virtual simulators for operator training, engineering and maintenance preparation
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Miko Olkkonen

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