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VR Control Room Simulator

Immersive training has proven superior cost effectiveness while delivering excellent training results

Virtual Reality technologies enable simulating real world task environments with unparalleled realism and accuracy. Experiencing a situation as it would be real and practicing your actions and procedures immersed in the situation is one of the most effective ways of training. With our Virtual Reality (VR) simulators, you can make all of this happen and get the benefits of "immersive training". As a nuclear power plant operator, we have good insight into real world applications of VR-simulators. We are glad to help you in finding applications that are the most beneficial for you.

Application areas:

Operator training: control room operations, visualising field tasks, practising emergency situations, disseminating efficient work methods
Engineering: virtual visits to areas that can’t be visited during operation, documenting existing physical spaces
Maintenance: pre-job briefing, preparing for outages, practising use of equipment, documenting and sharing good working practices

Ready to adopt immersive training?

Our VR-simulators can utilise your existing simulators, 3D models and other digital contents. If necessary, we can help you in producing additional contents like 360° with augmented contents for the simulator.

To get your immersive training solution up and running, we can deliver planning and execution of the project - ranging from capturing & editing the training material, setting-up of the systems, training of simulator usage and technical support.

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Apros® simulation and analysis software is a comprehensive, accurate and user friendly tool for modelling and dynamic simulation of nuclear power plant. Apros® is utilized in engineering and training simulations, complementary to VR simulators.

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