360° Video Starter Packages

Fortum is a pioneer in the use of 360° videos for Nuclear Power Plants. These immersive, spherical videos have been utilized to enhance understanding, collaboration and efficiency among NPP personnel.


Comprehensive coverage of restricted areas for virtual collaboration

Immersive training solutions

Easy comprehension through faster site visualization

Operation and maintenance
Project Management

Support of conventional work processes

See how the 360° videos can help with your work site

360° videos fully capture any kind of remote or hard to access areas providing help and familiarity to designers, personnel and contractors. Videos can be viewed on phones, tablets and laptops, or on VR glasses for complete immersion. Fortum’s 360° videos allow the content to be augmented by adding hotspots to the footage - enhancing communication & collaboration between personnel and alleviating redundant documentation in projects.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage of large areas - faster and easier than traditional methods (eg. Laser Scanning)
  • Ease of use and comprehension - everyone can understand and navigate through content
  • Content Augmentation - enhanced interactivity, communication and collaboration

Catered offering based on your needs:

We offer 360° video capture with augmented contents & hotspots alongside consultancy & advisory services and technical training. These involve staff training for usage in project management, training & simulation, compatibility checks & platform and device integrations to name a few. The applications are available on both mobile and the web.

Miko Olkkonen

Miko Olkkonen

Head of eSite
Industrial VR Solutions
Tel: +358 40 518 7535
miko [dot] olkkonen [at] fortum [dot] com