Reality Capture

Reality capture is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to collect as-is data of a plant site

Fast and Cost Effective

Even full plants can be scanned quickly

Charging stations on map
Easy to Understand

End result is as simple as street view to use

Fortum vakaa

Material is easily and safely distributed to plant personnel

Point cloud based image of plant
  • A combination of laser scanning and 360°images is an efficient way of collecting as-is data of the site before and during the course of a project
    • Existing materials can be combined and utilized
  • Radiation data can be integrated to the point clouds
  • Access through normal web browser, no additional software required
    • Material either in a cloud or on a stand-alone
      server at the customer

Multiple use cases for NPPs

  • Decommissioning planning –Choosing the correct dismantling methods for cost effectiveness and ALARA principle
  • Virtual planning of lifting and transportation routes off-site
  • Radiation visualization to support the site work and training
  • Documentation
Miko Olkkonen

Miko Olkkonen

Head of eSite
Industrial VR Solutions
Tel: +358 40 518 7535
miko [dot] olkkonen [at] fortum [dot] com