Nuclear safety analysis

Fortum provides you with experience in Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Facilities

For nuclear power plants
Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Wide scope of analysis that considers all of the NPP systems

REMAINT nuclear outage concept
Severe Accident Management

SAM guidelines for NPPs of different technologies

Nuclear waste management
Radiation safety

Analysis of radiation safety in nuclear facilities

Loviisa NPP safety

Probabilistic Risk Assessment

  • Wide scope of analysis, considering all systems
  • Used in optimising maintenance strategy (equipment categorization), prioritization of design options, justification of temporary (and permanent) configurations, extended test intervals and extended outage times, risk informed evaluation of Technical Specifications and safety classification, etc.

Severe Accident Management

  • SAM guidelines for nuclear plants of different technologies, final safety analysis reports, Level 2 probabilistic risk assessment, stress tests, etc.

Radiation and environmental safety

Over our years of support for the Loviisa NPP, we've built significant expertise of diverse radiation related safety analysis cases ranging from detector efficiency analysis to plant scale dose rate analysis for emergency preparedness needs. Our team is also deeply familiar with radiation analysis of spent fuel and its storage as well as final repositories. We have prepared MCNP analyses for, for example, the use of waste management facilities, spent fuel encapsulation plants and final disposal facilities. All of this is critical for the acceptance and safety of any nuclear plant and we would gladly support you with our knowledge. See below for examples of our offering and the skillset of our radiation safety experts:

  • Radiation physics
  • Radiation safety analyses
  • Radiation monitoring, protection and safety design
  • Radiological release and dose assessments
  • Severe accident phenomena and analyses
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental and water permit procedures
  • Meteorology and limnology expertise
  • Authorized Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) activities
    • Read more about these services in Finnish here, or contact our experts directly at sta [at] fortum [dot] com

As you can see, we're also deeply familiar with environmental radiation monitoring, analysis and reporting. For more information about this, see here.

Deterministic safety analyses

  • We provide deterministic safety analyses support with our Apros® software based on our long experience in the nuclear industry. Please contact us if you are interested in Apros licenses, training or modelling and analysis support regarding deterministic safety analyses.
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