Get ready for tomorrow’s energy production

At Fortum eNext, we help you improve your plant operations and reduce emissions.

What is Fortum eNext?

In recent years, energy laws and regulations have tightened all around the world. Fortum eNext’s task is to help you meet them by making your plant more efficient and more sustainable. You can choose from an array of proven solutions that revise plant processes, make them fit for the coming years, and build shareholder value.

Smart Operations

Smart Operations offer comprehensive O&M services, appropriate digital tools and plant consultancy. Our task is to help you run your plant with the industry’s best knowledge and technology.

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Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance makes your plant more efficient. We help you to reduce emissions to meet new regulations. Our expertise allows you to increase profitability without compromising your environmental commitments.

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Turbine and Generator Services

When faced with turbine or generator projects, please turn to our Turbine Services. We have decades of experience in plant perfection. We look forward to helping with your rotating main equipment management from planning to optimized maintenance, modernizations, and repairs.

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You are most welcome to join the change

It doesn’t matter if you are part of a regional, national, or global energy company. What matters is your commitment to improving your plant operations. We have successfully carried off hundreds of cases worldwide, and we are happy to tailor our services and provide you with exactly what you need.

Success stories based on understanding of customers needs

We look at business from the owner’s perspective: always seeking to stay one step ahead of the competition. Combining our top technical know-how with an economic view enables us to identify opportunities and turn them into measurable results.

 Fortum eNext offers customers

  •  The power plant operator with the best economic record
  •  Independence of equipment suppliers
  •  Integration of various partners, networks and business interests

Our customers have been satisfied year after year

We have been offering expert services for customers over 20 years now and we have developed a wide service portfolio to answer our customers’ needs. Customers highly value our technical expertise and deep understanding of market demands. Therefore, customer satisfaction has remained at a very high level and customers continue to be very satisfied with eNext.