Get ready for tomorrow’s energy production

Fortum eNext helps utilities and energy intensive industries to improve operations and reduce emissions of thermal power plants. We support you throughout the whole life cycle of a power plant, with highly specialized expert services.

Best-In-Class usability and availability

Revising plant processess and technology to fit for the coming years

Sustainability and safety always in the forefront

Enabling energy producers to meet tightening regulations and standards

Economical asset life cycle management

Maintaining shareholder value

You are most welcome to join the change

Energy sector is in the middle of great transformation. The amount of renewables in the energy system is increasing and consequently the role of conventional power production is changing, often meaning highly volatile and decreasing production volumes. At Fortum eNext our mission is to help you use your power for good. We support energy producers to adapt to industry transformation and changing operational and environmental requirements.

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Smart Operations

Our task is to help you run your plant with the industry’s best knowledge and technology

Comprehensive full-scope O&M solutions for power plant owners and investors, supported by state-of-the-art digital tools

Smart Operations


Environmental Performance

We make your plant more efficient and reduce emissions to meet environmental regulation

Expertise to increase profitability without compromising your environmental commitments

Environmental Performance

Turbine and Generator Services

We help you with rotating main equipment management, from planning to optimized maintenance, modernizations and repairs

Decades of experience in plant perfection

Turbine and Generator Services

Winning performance

Success stories based on understanding of customers needs

We take great pride in striving for high customer satisfaction. Our customers are continuously rating us very high in terms of ability to provide the best technical expertise and solutions, as well as having deep market understanding.
Based on our performance track record and long experience, Fortum eNext is seen as a trusted and highly appreciated service provider and partner, also in the eyes of financial stakeholders.