TOPi Release news 2017-10

TOPi Helios 2017.10.0 release notes

TOPi Helios 2017.10 continues TOPi development by enhancing platform features.

TOPi Helios includes new platform features for an even smoother user experience by for example enabling header-based authentication. In addition there are improvements to existing TOPi Browser tools. More detailed list of improvements can be found below. 

General changes: 

  •     Basic authentication support.

  •     Header-based authentication support (can be used e.g. with installations in Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform)

  •     Initial PostgreSQL data source implementation

  •      Level support for data in PostgreSQL data source (in backend and in Dashboard, Report, Constant
         Parameter Entry, and ProTrend applications)

  •      Possibility to automatically save the number of logged in users to a variable on regular intervals

  •      Fixed timestamp generation for formulas when calculation step is MONTH and start date is at the end of  month

  •      Possibility to skip daylight saving adjustments to calculation step in aggregate data queries when calling API

  •      directly (not possible in the user interface)

  •      Fixed status saving for Aspen IP21 IP_TextDef variables

  •     Initial implementation of calculation type=SUM for formulas (when stepped=true and time-weighted=true)

  •     Logging of various events in the system, including starting a recalculation and modifying constant
        parameters. Data modifications in Report application may also be logged (disabled by default)


  •     Support for data fetch calculation type = "last value"

  •      Trend shifting functionality 

Constant Parameter Entry: 

  •     Fixed Edit icon placement 


  •     Fixed bug where the status of a calculation was stuck at "Starting..." 


  •     Functionality for editing and saving balancing power capacity

  •      Possibility to customize font and color used in tables 


  •     Dates include weekday information 


  •     Fixed bug where buttons were visible even when the user did not have permissions to their actions.


  •     First version of the application 

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