Digital Solutions for thermal power plants

Fortum eNext offers a wide range of digital solutions specifically designed for energy industry. With our digital solutios you can increase your plant's efficiency in every aspect of your operations.

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Fortum eNext Digital solutions in the UK

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Why are we here?

A key requirement for efficient power power plant operation is its digital solutions. Carefully designed digital solutions optimise operation and maintenance activities. They support staffing and save costs at many levels.

We offer a wide range of digital solutions for the entire energy industry, covering solutions for operational optimisation, process analysis, maintenance support and documentation of power plants. Our customer references include implementing digital solutions for several energy companies.

Get to know our services and find all necessary digital solutions to operate a power plant.

Customer benefits

Our products are designed in collaboration with selected market-leading partners in digital solutions. Based on our vast experience, we have tailored our products to comply with the operational environment of energy companies.


Fortum has a strong power plant owner background and has developed in-house digital solutions and systems for decades. Get to know some of our digital solutions references and selected worldwide references for thermal plants.

Worldwide success stories for thermal plants

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