TOPi® Future 2018.10.0 release notes

TOPi® Future 2018.10 brings user experience to a new level with multiple enhancements to usability

TOPiFuture 2018 Release news

TOPi ® Future brings major updates to Report Analysis and ProView Editor as well as numerous smaller features to other TOPi ® applications enabling users to maximize the use of their data. Under the hood there has been multiple improvements enabling e.g. TOPi® Browser to smoothly recover from database interruptions and minimizing errors by automating the update procedure.

General changes:

  •     Updating TOPi® Browser to a new version is now easier.
  •     Database structure and data is migrated automatically when new version is started for the first time.
  •     Configuration is now mainly in database instead of files under the application package.
  •     Log file directory is determined automatically.
  •     Improved filtering of variables. Wildcards * and ? are now supported in Tag Browser and Configurator.
  •     Retry connection to the main database at application startup. Helps in cases where the database is down when TOPi®
        Browser is starting; previously the startup failed in such cases and the application remained in a dead state until manually
  •     Database objects (functions etc.) needed to access Aspen IP.21 and PostgreSQL data sources are created immediately on
        application startup (if database connections are available). Previously they were created only when the first data operation
        was initiated.
  •     Elliot initial data is now created and/or managed/migrated by TOPi® Browser on application startup.
  •     Elliot: foreign_server column added to historywr_job table.
  •     Elliot: OPC Write implemented
  •     Elliot: OPC HDA (Historical Data Access) implemented
  •     Fix potential (but improbable) deadlocks.


  •     Fixed double encoding in some user-supplied links.


  •     A line is drawn also for the last data point in graph when the graph is stepped.
  •     Analysis: A line is drawn also for the last data point before a filtered area in graph when the graph is stepped.
  •     Analysis: Cut points are displayed with a diamond symbol instead of a cross.
  •     Analysis: Possibility to view filtered data and its summary in a table.
  •     Analysis: Possibility to export filtered data and its summary to CSV.
  •     Analysis: Changed "Don't cut time axis" filter setting name to a more descriptive "Don't apply to others".
  •     Analysis: Added global "cut time axis" setting that specifies if time axis is cut at all filtered time points.
  •     Analysis: New "Set as timespan" selection in context menu when a time span is selected.
  •     Analysis: Possibility to remove all time filterings with one button.
  •     When "Data points: show" is checked, graph/analysis now show dynamic hairline and values on all graphs.
  •     "Data points: show" is on by default.
  •     Null values are ignored when calculating summary values.
  •     Add hairline and Set as start/end time context menu options now snap to the selected/hovered data point if there is one.
  •     Fixed hairline values not being shown on the correct side of the hairline.
  •     Fixed first column not being greyed out even if non-editable.


  •     Shifted DH forecast bars half an hour to the left (= earlier), like other bars.
  •     Configuration: Possibility to enable or disable editing of current balance power capacity.


  •     Possibility to add a link to an entry so that the link points to a record in another TOPi® Browser application (e.g. a report template).
  •     Possibility to define in settings if adding entries is allowed into any time in the past or only into the previous shift. Previously it was
        not possible to add an entry further back in time than the previous shift.
  •     Added attachment count to exported file.


  •     Double clicking a graph now opens ProTrend in another window, similar to double clicking a value.
  •     Possibility to display min/max values for variables in variable lists. Useful for data validation.
  •     Element tooltip does not display undefined status when there is no variable linked.
  •     Editor: Set default resolution to 1920x1080, fit image to canvas when opening an existing view.
  •     Editor: New views have a title placeholder.
  •     Editor: Added new fonts; Arial, Times New Roman, Courier.
  •     Editor: Fix importing a process view that contains text with special characters.
  •     Editor: Importing a view does not add a title placeholder and a watermark to the imported view any more.
  •     Editor: Fix bold text setting not being honored when going to object properties dialog.
  •     Editor: Default snapping step-size is now 5 units.
  •     Editor: Default variable and text font size is now 16 points.
  •     Editor: Fixes to creating a library component from elements selected in the drawing area.
  •     Editor: Possibility to create a library component from the whole drawing area.
  •     Editor: Fixed zoom to canvas when opening an existing template.
  •     Compatibility fixes with latest versions of Firefox.
  •     Full screen support for IE11.
  •     Library components updated.
  •     Fixed issues with bold font setting.
  •     Fixed double encoding in some user-supplied links.
  •     Fixed issue where site was sometimes set to "No site" when saving even though the display previously had a site.


  •     Fixed status and timestamp filter not being correctly specified when coming to page with an URL with status or timestamp.
  •     Add scrollbar to Import from clipboard dialog.


  •     Update restart variable timestamp on application restart.
  •     Monitoring parameters are now preserved even though user unchecks the "Monitored" option.


  •     Various user interface fixes.
  •     Possibility to specify manually X and Y axis scaling.
  •     Play notification sound when new run plan is available.
  •     Changed alarm sound.
  •     Fixed problem where the application was not working in IE11 if browser had specific compatibility settings.
  •     Fixed Open In New Window link opening two windows.
  •     A custom calculation step can be defined for each variable in graph.

Data sources:

  •     Fixes and improvements to External Service Data Source (used with FRED Fuel Service).
  •     Fix "Memory full" error when using last aggregate.
  •     When fetching name or description metadata attribute for ad hoc formulas, the formula expression is returned.
  •     Fix problem where data for the last day was not fetched when calculation step = 1 day and the end time is one day after a daylight
        saving transition.
  •     Formula name maximum length increased to 100 characters.
  •     Maximum length for variable name in PostgreSQL data source is now 60 characters. Previously variable creation was reliable only if name was 49 characters long or shorter; if it was longer, the creation could succeed or fail with an unclear error message.

Other issues:

  • ProView Editor is recommended to be used with Firefox ESR 60, IE11 and Microsoft Edge web browsers.