Fortum eNext lifetime management services

We offer plant lifetime management and planning services for asset owners and operators being independent technology provider.

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Power plant lifetime management and condition reviews

Fortum eNext independent service is based on our own operation and maintenance experience and tools. We evaluate and inspect the most critical equipment, analyse the remaining lifetime and establish a long-term plan based on a holistic optimisation. You may choose the scope of your lifecycle assessment within the main components. These include:

  • Boiler and main steam line
  • Combustion and burners
  • Turbine
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Rotating devices

Maximise your plant’s value generation through a holistic multi-impact analysis.

Fortum eNext's lifecycle management is build on Fortum core competences. We have short and long-term action plans based on available data and analyses. The following figure describes the process.

Short and long-term action plans based on available data and analysis

Lifecycle management short and long term actions

We offer support and expertise along the whole plant lifecycle

Support along the whole plant lifecycle


'The big picture' in energy production

Fuels 49.7% Plant investment 25% Operation 9.2% Maintenance Refurbishments Unavailability costs Administration
89,5 45 16,5 9 9 9 2

Targeted benefits: Productivity, Availability, Savings, Predictability, Safety

Achieve asset productivity and lifecycle profits:

  • Reduce fuel and emission costs through optimal efficiency
  • Make investments proportional to remaining life 
  • Minimise unavailability costs
  • Optimise operations, maintenance and management costs
  • Perform successful O&M introductions
  • Optimise refurbishment costs

Asset lifecycle management in energy production

Fortum approach and practices

Design reviews & investments O&M Mobilisation Operation and Maintenance Optimise lifetime (optimise actions)
Design reviews
Document management
Feasibility studies
Criticality analysis
Lifetime analysis and long-term planning
Integrated management system
Maintenance management
IT systems
Risk management
Fingerprint measurement
Fuels & combustion
O&M contract
O&M support contract
Remote monitoring
Emission control
Overhaul planning
Condition monitoring
Performance monitoring
Maintenance and condition monitoring
Audits & Continuous performance improvement (cPIP®)


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