Full-scope O&M for thermal plant owners and investors

Fortum eNext Smart Operations provide a comprehensive full-scope Operation and Maintenance (O&M) solution. We focus on sustainability and safety, deliver best-in-class performance as well as increase shareholder value.

EHSQ in the forefront

Core competence in biomass and waste

Trusted independent O&M service provider

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Comprehensive full-scope operation and maintenance services

Fortum eNext optimises operations in order to maximise owner's returns throughout the asset lifetime. We run owner's power plant with the proven best practises gained by decades of experience in own assets to ensure high availability, efficiency and reliability with the highest standards in safety and sustainability. We bring along our state-of-the-art intelligent digital solutions and wide in-house expertise network for O&M excellence and plant performance for each customer environment. To achieve all the aforementioned requirements, Fortum eNext enables a head start with technical and commercial pre-investment advisory, O&M planning and mobilisation.

To show our commitment and confidence in our ability to guarantee long-term value creation, if mutually so agreed, we are also able to invest a minor equity stake.

Decades of experience in international O&M

Fortum eNext recognises that power plant's performance and profitability can be affected with prudent decisions at the beginning of the asset's lifetime.

Owner's perspective

Furthermore, decisions made and practises implemented determine strongly both expected cash flow from operations and the direction of power plant's profitability.

Bankable O&M operator

With our decades of experience in international O&M as well as knowledge and history in serving Fortum's own assets, Fortum eNext can ensure your power plant's profitability in the future.

Our extensive expertise and competences in thermal production cover demanding fuels, including biomass and waste.

Fortum eNext has a strong track record of being fully responsible for power plant's O&M while creating measurable value to the power plant owner. Based on our prior achievements and performance, Fortum eNext is seen as a trusted and bankable O&M service provider also in the eyes of financial stakeholders. Consequently, our low risk profile often allows a lower interest rate for power plant owner's financing.

Our full-scope O&M approach

Full-scope O&M solutions

Fortum eNext's full-scope O&M starts with O&M Advisory services regarding O&M related technical and commercial questions, design reviews and advices concerning long-term service agreements with main equipment vendors.

In O&M Planning and Mobilisation phases, we are responsible for mobilising plant operations, including setting up O&M organisation, integrated management system, required digital solutions and safety systems.

After commercial operations date, Fortum eNext takes full responsibility for the O&M of the customer's power plant, including the planning of operation, performing daily operations, plant maintenance, material and resource management and continuous improvement. As supplementary services, we can take responsibility for ash handling, overhauls and upgrades for example. Precise scope and deliverables can be agreed based on customer's needs and priorities.

High standards in EHSQ aspects enable operational excellence

Fortum eNext is striving to minimise the environmental impact of energy production and safety is always a top priority within our company.

To prove our high standards, in 2019 the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) has awarded their prestigious President's Award to a power plant operated by Fortum eNext.

Fortum eNext's operations are certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality management systems.

Certified Quality of thermal plants

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