Green energy and eco labels

Do you want to claim renewable energy in your production or consumption, or do you want to sell your green energy to the market? Guarantees of Origin (GoO) is an instrument defined by the European legislation that tracks electricity from renewable energy sources and provides customers with information on the source of their energy. At Fortum, we play an active role in this energy label market and can offer our customers energy from different renewable sources with different labels. We also offer bilateral trading of Emission allowances (EUA´s) and El-certificates both for spot and standard delivery dates.

Willow branch

Our environmental value products include:

  • Guarantees of Origin
  • Bra Miljöval
  • Ekoenergy
  • El-certificates
  • Emission allowances

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Joni Vuorela

Portfolio manager
Tel: +358 40 509 4906
joni [dot] vuorela [at] fortum [dot] com