Future of Fly Ash Refining

Our research and development projects aim to recover and reuse all the ash produced by the waste-to-energy plants that burn household waste. Since fly ash is the very last remaining waste type originating from household waste that ends up in landfills, Fortum will be one of the first companies in the world that closes the whole municipal waste recycling loop.

Proceeding step by step

Refining fly ash is yet another step towards the circular economy of household waste. Fortum operates the first-ever ash refining facility in the Nordic countries. By tackling the process step by step, we ensure that every step is fully functioning and that if problems do occur they are easier to solve. In the first stage of our refining process, the salt is washed away from the ash and dissolved into the seawater. 

Read more about the process here.

Towards circularity of household waste

Dissolving salt from the ash into the seawater is a good first step, but we are aiming higher. We have already started initiatives to develop ways to boost the recycling rate of fly ash. Our near-future efforts are focusing not only on separating the salt, but also on the heavy metals and recycling them back into use. The separated salt, for example, could be used as a road salt during winter time. Our long-term goal is to reach a stage where we can also make use of the remaining ash, for example as a base material for infrastructure construction. This level of ash refining is currently in the research and development stage.

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