Fly Ash Refining Process

With our new fly ash processing system, we can increase the recycling rate of household waste by as much as 100%, step by step.

First operator in the Nordic countries

We are the first operator in the Nordic countries to treat fly ash in a way that is compliant with the new EU regulation. Our process is the result of many years of research and development. Our first refinery is able to treat all of the fly ash that comes from the burning of household waste in Finland. Our staff oversees the highly automated process.

The actual process

From the moment we collect the ash from our clients, we take responsibility for it. Ash is transported by tank truck to our refinery, where it is stored in silos. The actual processing happens in a closed reactor where the salt is washed from the ash, mainly using seawater. The end product of this process is water that contains materials such as chloride, sulphates and minimal amounts of other dissolved matters like metals. This water is then piped to our treatment process where the metals are separated and the remaining water is released into the open sea. The remaining heavy metals and ash are then taken to landfills. Our process only slightly raises the salinity of seawater in the immediate proximity of the discharge pipe; the water quality is closely monitored at all times.

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