Fortum Circo recycled plastic granules fit for a wide variety of applications

Fortum Circo recyclates are made with no compromises. The recycled plastics granules are a safe and reliable raw material choice suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Fortum Circo recyclates are currently produced in three different qualities: recycled PP granules, recycled HDPE granules and recycled LDPE granules. In addition to the basic qualities, the granules can also be tailored and fine-tuned into customer-specific compounds to meet specific needs in terms of mechanical properties, processability, colours and other features.

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Fortum Circo recycled plastic granules can be customized into specific compounds

The high-quality recyclates can be adapted to different uses in a variety of applications and tailored into compounds to meet the specific needs of customers. We consult with customers to formulate the right solution for their end use. Fortum Circo is actually more than a recycled raw material, it is a service consultancy product made with no compromises, anywhere.

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We consult with customers to formulate the right solution for their end use, and can conduct testing and fine-tuning of the Fortum Circo recyclate before switching the material in actual production. Fortum Circo can also be used with existing equipment, so making the switch to the recyclate is cost-efficient, with no need for significant investments in new moulds and other equipment.

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