Fortum Circo® PP High Impact series

Fortum Circo® PP High Impact series consists of impact-modified compounds which are made from post-consumer polypropylene recycled by Fortum. The compounds are sustainable and have high impact strength, some also at low temperatures. You can replace virgin materials with the Fortum Circo High Impact series compounds in applications that require impact-resistance even at low temperatures, such as in engineering applications.

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Injection Moulding
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Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic
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Impact modified
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REACH & RoHS compliant
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Natural grey or the colour of your choice

Materials of the High Impact series are available with different properties. The main variable is the type and amount of the impact modifier. These materials have a broad processing window and consistent production performance. The series also includes materials with controlled stiffness to achieve higher modulus. 

  • Impact modified, also at low temperatures
  • Stable and consistent performance
  • Multiple versions available


Fortum Circo® PP High Impact series fits a wide variety of appli­ca­tions, such as
  • Consumer goods
  • Construction materials
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Also products used at low temperatures

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