Fortum Circo®

Fortum Circo is a plastic recyclate produced from plastic waste. With consistent and high quality, versatility and solid availability, Fortum Circo can be used in a wide variety of products – from household appliances to industrial and commercial films and blow-moulded articles. Fortum Circo is made with no compromises: it is a safe and reliable solution for sustainable plastics production.

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Why Fortum Circo® plastic recyclate?


We guarantee the consistent, high quality of Fortum Circo from batch to batch and from month to month by having the entire recycling chain, including the sorting of waste plastics, washing and compounding, in-house.


The origin of the feedstock material and the way the plastic waste is treated plays a key role in the sustainability of the recyclate and its production. By having the whole recycling process in our own hands, we guarantee the sustainability.


Fortum Circo recyclates are very versatile. The granules can be customised to different compounds and adapted into existing processes, so there is no need to invest in new moulds or equipment.

Fortum Circo is sustainable in every sense

We have developed Fortum Circo recycled plastic as a sustainable substitute for virgin materials. We have made no compromises with it. Fortum Circo granules are readily available and suitable for your processes and products. And if they aren’t the right fit, we will tailor them to match your needs. The production of Fortum Circo takes sustainability factors into account from beginning to end. We guarantee that also your supply chain stays traceable and transparent. Fortum Circo is sustainable in every sense: it is made with no compromises.

Use of Fortum Circo® logo on products

By placing Fortum Circo® trademark on your product you give your customers a chance to make a sustainable choice.


Interested to know more about Fortum Circo?

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