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Over 80% of lithium-ion battery materials can now be recycled READ MORE

Leading the change towards optimal use of resources

We lead the change towards a low-emission energy system and optimal use of resources. Our goal is to support our customers’ business by conserving natural resources and promoting circular economy. We work together with our customers to build smart and sustainable solutions for ensuring the circulation of valuable materials and the removal of harmful substances from the material cycle​.

consumer plastic

Plastic Recycling

Plastics hold value

Fortum Circo is a plastic recyclate produced from plastic waste. With consistent and high quality, versatility and solid availability Fortum Circo fits for a wide variety of purposes from household appliances to industrial and commercial films and blow-molded articles. Fortum Circo is made with no compromises - it is a safe and reliable solution for sustainable plastics production.

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Fortum battery solutions prolong life of batteries

Battery Recycling Solutions

Fortum Battery Recycling Solutions

We have revolutionised the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries. Our low-CO2 solution makes over 80% of the battery recyclable, returns the scarce metals used back into circulation, and resolves the sustainability gap by reducing the need to mine nickel, cobalt, and other scarce metals.

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hazardous waste treatment

Waste Management Services

We know hazardous waste

We provide hazardous waste treatment with our high temperature incineration plants as well as  physio-chemical treatment for inorganic hazardous waste, such as acids and bases. We also treat contaminated process waters at our evaporation plant. Furthermore, we treat a wide range of contaminated soils in our numerous industrial waste treatment centers.

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