Maritime, oil and gas industry

Our hazardous waste recycling and environmental clean-up services provide useful solutions and risk minimization for the maritime, oil and gas industries.

Complete solutions for industry challenges

Fortum collects, process and utilizes hazardous waste that comes, for example, from harbours, ships and offshore facilities. Hazardous waste is detoxified and converted into energy for district heating. Oil and water compounds are recycled into new products. In addition to the safe and sustainable management of high volumes of waste, there is an immediate emergency response available.

We also provide a complete environmental clean-up solution in case an accident has happened at sea. For instance, fluids can be collected and tanks cleaned onshore. The service operates globally and around the clock.

Effective, customer-specific service

Our expertise and broad experience provide safety, efficiency and functional logistics - all essential to the maritime industry. With Fortum, things are done according to schedule and all requests replied to quickly. Fortum uses the best practices and works in accordance with regulations and high standards.

We provide each company with an effective plan that meets their needs and supports their processes. In addition to the environmental benefits, recycling promotes your businesses’ sustainable practices. We recycle oil and water compounds collected from harbours and offshore facilities. Hazardous waste is transformed into energy and utilised for eco-friendly district heating. In case of catastrophe, we will make a thorough environmental clean-up onshore.

We are happy to tell you more about our comprehensive environmental services. Let’s talk about how we can help you increase the efficiency and operational reliability of your company.

Benefits for maritime, gas and oil industry:

  • Reputation management
  • Holistic service model
  • Risk minimisation
  • Innovative, individual solutions
  • Trustworthy expertise
  • 24/7 reachability