Trade and service activities include many different kinds of fields from airports to harbours and shopping malls to business parks. Fortum offers a comprehensive service in which all of the customer's needs are met at a low cost.

A partnership for competitive advantage

Many different kinds of energy waste are produced in the trade and service industries (paper, metal, glass, plastic) as well as biological and animal-derived by-product waste, such as kitchen fats. Construction and demolition waste are also brought for processing, as well as sand, water and dust from underground settling tanks. Other special areas are data protection waste, such as classified personal information and medical waste.

Fortum takes care of the right kind of waste collection and transport equipment. We send the raw material to Fortum's own appropriate processing plants for further processing. We are not merely a waste flow transporter: We seek to understand the entire chain and to gain even more efficiency from potential model solutions through our circular-economy thinking.

Open reporting

At Fortum, we easily adapt to various functions of trade, such as legislation. An important part of our service is that we inform and train our customers and give open reports in which we give information on the quantities of waste flows, prices, deliveries and how materials have been utilised and refined for recycling.

Benefits for retail:

  • We closely follow legislation and understand different kinds of functions of the retail trade and deal with the emerging material flows in a comprehensive manner.
  • Our responsible sales personnel in the regions will respond to demand by tailoring a functioning service concept for each customer.
  • In Fortum's own plants waste flows will be processed for recycling. For instance, plastic will be utilised in profiles and as a raw material for the plastics industry.


  • Classifies, sorts, packs, transports, teaches, and deals with the responsible processing of waste.
  • Analyses, optimises, and separates recyclable materials from the flows, channelling them to recovery and re-use.
  • Takes part in the development and construction processes of the environment, for instance, by cleaning waterways and contaminated soil, and by setting up landfills.
  • We implement local service and logistics wholes as well as international processing networks.
  • We offer a solution model from the recycling of individual materials to the full outsourcing of waste processing.

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