Waste Management Services

Fortum offers sustainable turnkey waste management services and is specialized in treating hazardous waste. We have more than 40 years of experience in detoxifying and removing hazardous substances from the circulation.

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Economical benefits

We provide end-to-end solutions for waste management that reduce Opex and Capex and further minimize our customer’s carbon footprint

Widely certificated
Environmental benefits

We offer environmentally sound treatment that recovers maximum value and disposes of unwanted toxic components using best available techniques.

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Safety benefits

We guarantee safe storing and transportation of hazardous waste with proper equipment and labelling

Hazardous waste barrel and label
treating hazardous waste

We know hazardous waste

We have a unique service offering which we can tailor to our customer’s needs. Our service offerings range from waste management to recycling solutions and further to environmental services. We are experts in hazardous waste treatment and remove hazardous substances from circulation. Fortum Recycling & Waste is a reliable partner in demanding waste management.

Treating hazardous waste

We free customer’s resources to their core business​

Fortum transports, analyses and treats hazardous waste according to each customer’s needs. We offer tangible customer benefits such as  financial and environmental benefits as well as practical safety improvements . We help mitigate our customers’ environmental and reputation risks​​. We help our customers in choosing the appropriate containers and correct labelling for their waste and assist with packaging and by organizing customized training. We bring value to our customers by tailoring each solution to meet our customer's needs.

Hazardous waste management

Operations in the Nordics

Fortum Recycling & Waste waste management services operate in the Nordics ​and have a comprehensive network of 30 offices and treatments centers in Finland, Sweden, Norway ​and Denmark. We offer reliable, high-quality hazardous waste treatment services with our three high-temperature incineration plants in Riihimäki/Finland, Kumla/Sweden and Nyborg/Denmark. The hazardous waste is incinerated and converted into energy used for district heating and electricity.

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What we offer:

We bring value to your company by tailoring each solution to your specific needs.

  • end-to-end solutions for complex projects within a given timeframe
  • on-site waste management, planning and advisory
  • customized logistics
  • major storage and treatment capacity
  • high environmental and safety standards in accordance with international and national legal requirements
  • recycling and recovery solutions for the valuable resources contained in the hazardous waste (e.g. oil, plastic, metals
  • assistance with necessary documentation
  • environmentally sound treatment that recovers maximum value and disposes of unwanted toxic components using best available techniques
  • traceability, reporting to authorities and climate accounts, and
  • safety advisor services

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Project Australia

Fortum Recycling & Waste and the Australian manufacturing company Orica developed a solution for safe, permanent and environmentally sound destruction for the hexachlorobenzene (HCB) stockpile originating from Orica’s previous operations.

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Hazardous Waste Treatment

Environmental Construction Solutions

Our services are based on the reuse of materials and we utilize industrial by-products in environmental construction. Our services include construction and demolition projects, as well as remediation of soil and waters and recycling of waste. 

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