We treat hazardous waste and remove hazardous substances from circulation

Fortum provides hazardous waste treatment in high temperature incineration plants as well as physio-chemical treatment for inorganic hazardous waste, such as acids and bases. We also process contaminated process waters at evaporation plant and a wide range of contaminated soils are treated in our numerous industrial waste treatment centers.

hazardous waste treatment


We know hazardous waste

We offer waste management audits to understand the customer need, process and targets​ and tailored solutions. Our services include among others selection of proper containers and labels​, packaging of waste​ and transport. We treat and dispose hazardous waste and re-use materials whenever possible. 

We also offer training to customers’ organization and have strong own R&D and Best Available Technology treatment facilities. ​

We free customer’s resources to their core business​

As our customer your company will  get:

  • Financial benefits​ - reduced Opex and Capex
  • Environmental benefits​ -We operate in an environmentally sound way​
  • Practical safety improvements ​- safety is a part of our DNA

We know hazardous waste and help mitigate our customers’ environmental and reputation risks​​