Laboratory services and waste analysis

At Fortum laboratories, we are specialists in waste, process and environmental analytics. We investigate and innovate for a cleaner world. Whether your waste is suitable for recycling, utilisation or final disposal, Fortum's experts will help you find the right solutions for your case.

Cost efficient
Economical benefits

When examining the quality of the waste, we can help our customers regulate their production processes, which is often results in savings or safer working environment.

Environmental friendly
Environmental benefits

Guaranteeing secure handling of such hazardous waste requires expert knowledge.

Safety benefits

Tests made at Fortum's laboratories are based on the quality requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Laboratory services and waste analysis

Waste analytics

Fortum's laboratories are specialised in waste, process and environmental analytics. By combining solid facilities and profound expertise, the laboratories analyse complex sample materials, such as different waste products, process chemicals, oil, soil and wastewater, and for various contaminations or valuables. Information generated by the four Fortum laboratories contributes to the improvement of production processes for cleaner world each day.

Accredited test laboratories

By focusing on different geographical as well as analytical areas, the four laboratories together cover the needs within inorganic and organic chemical analysis, physical and constructional testing. Although all samples receive the same care, and all analyses are made with the same high-quality measurements, we are proud to display the accredited analyses performed at the laboratories in Riihimäki, Kumla and Nyborg.

Improving processes and suitability for landfills

Simple savings are often achieved by reducing the water content of the waste, by finding ways to sub-fractionit or by sorting the waste for easier handling or transport. With modern technologies, it is now possible to recirculate increasingly impure fractions which previously were not suitable for recycling. No doubt, the reuse is highly affected by the quality of the waste and its purity. You can find suitable solutions for recycling by analysing the waste and recognizing its characteristics.

For waste fractions that are not suitable for recycling or reuse, the only alternative is a landfill. In such cases, there is also a need for characterization. The constituents of the waste must be evaluated against the regulatory criteria, so that the appropriate class of landfill can be appointed. Fortum Recycling and Waste Solutions has more than 40 years of experience in making such classifications, and will be able to provide accurate guidance.

Hazardous waste

In order to ensure a safe present and future for the planet and people, we recognize and understand that some hazardous waste simply has to be taken out of circulation.

Fortum has extensive expertise in hazardous materials, and we will be ready to assist you at any time, even if you find yourself in an unexpected situation during the management or storage of chemicals or hazardous waste. We can help you prevent accidents while saving costs.

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