Waste surveys, management and advisor

Fortum’s survey-based plan will improve the whole waste management chain for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Cost efficient
Economical benefits

Well-planned waste management saves costs

Environmental friendly
Environmental benefits

Fortum’s survey-based plan will improve the whole waste management chain for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Safety benefits

The survey leads to a detailed picture of the present equipment, processes and premises.

Waste surveys, management and advisory

A waste survey for your needs

A waste survey is a detailed examination of the waste management of a given business, conducted by Fortum experts and in collaboration with the customer. The survey results in key development targets for waste management which significantly benefit the company both financially and concerning its image perception.

We make a proposal for the practical implementations of selected waste management measures based on the survey. At Fortum, we consider the needs of the customer as well as the requirements of waste legislation.

Optimising waste management

The aim is to reduce waste and to find new uses for the waste in your own processes or those of another company, recycling waste as material or energy.

The greatest need for improvement is usually found in sorting the waste at the source, and collection devices and their markings. We will design the entire waste management system for your company:

  • Sorting at source for more cost-effective beneficial use
  • Labelling of waste points and the location of containers
  • Washing and maintenance services of containers
  • Internal and external collection and transport logistics
  • Delivery of waste fractions to the best reception locations
  • Training, advising and reporting after implementation

Reliable safety advisory services

We offer contract-based expert service which meets the obligations set by the law enabling our customers to focus on what is important: the core business.

The legally mandated task of a safety advisor is to ascertain ways of transporting hazardous materials as safely as possible and to promote their implementation. These tasks require, e.g. constantly updating information on legislation and the further development of professional skills.

Under the law, a safety advisor must be named for all companies that manufacture, transport, store or handle hazardous materials. The safety advisor does not need to be a representative of the company's own staff, so the work can be outsourced to a professional that offers this service.


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