Metal recycling

We collect, sort and recycle non-ferrous and ferrous metals including cables – such as copper, aluminium, iron and steel – generated by industry and demolition sites. In our state of art metal recycling plant, we manufacture valuable recycled raw materials from scrap metal.

Metal recycling
Recycled metal products - aluminium

Why Fortum’s recycled metal products?

Solutions for sustainable cities

A wide range of copper, aluminium, steel and iron in different grades.

Sustainability report

Our efficient recycling process meets the requirements of responsible recycling and minimises environmental impact.

Key topics and targets

Our high-quality end products are based on efficient sorting at the place of origin.

Recycled products

Our recycled metal products are suitable for the different needs of industry. An increasing number of metal products are already produced from recycled metals, and our refining processes ensure that we are able to save nearly 100% of precious metals.

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Low emissions
Metal recycling minimises carbon footprint

Recycled metal saves natural resources, as metal produced in the recycling process consumes two times less energy than ore mining. Our own recycling processes provide us with exact information on the recycling rate and emissions. We offer CO2 reporting on recycled materials.

Recycling and waste services
Processed 100% in Finland

Our metal recycling plant in Ikaalinen, Finland recycles copper, aluminium, iron and sheet metal scrap, among others, as well as cables and transformers, which are used to manufacture recycled raw materials for industry.

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