Recycled metals

Our recycled metal products are suitable for the different needs of industry. An increasing number of metal products are already produced from recycled metals, and our refining processes ensure that we are able to save nearly 100% of precious metals.

Production at the Ovako steel mill in Imatra is based entirely on recycled scrap metal
Steel bars

Why Fortum’s recycled metal products?

Solutions for sustainable cities

A wide range of copper, aluminium, steel and iron in different grades.

Sustainability report

Our efficient recycling process meets the requirements of responsible recycling and minimises environmental impact.

Key topics and targets

Our high-quality end products are based on efficient sorting at the place of origin.

Our recycled metal product selection

Recycled steel

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HMS or "Heavy-melting steel" is a common recycled metal grade. It contains ferrous pieces with a size of 150x50x50 cm.

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Bonus is heavy-melting steel, but thinner than HMS. The Bonus is more than 6 mm thick iron.

Light Scrap
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Light scrap is mixed, light and thin iron scrap.


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Fe-Turnings are turning chips from iron processing. Suitable for recycling.


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Recycled new clean sheet metal, i.e. uncoated surplus sheet metal from industry.

Incinerator scrap
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Incineration plant scrap is an iron-containing recyclable metal fraction separated from the slag and ash of the incineration plant by a magnet.

Cast iron
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Cast iron in its various forms.

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The manganese alloy makes this iron alloy tough and it is often used, for example, in the mining industry. The manganese content of this iron alloy is typically more than 10%.

E1, E2 & E3
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The most typical domestic selling grades of iron. Iron is classified into different E fractions according to the origin and thickness of the material.

Recycled zinc

Hard zinc
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Hard Zinc is a by-product of the zinc industry, which is created when the excess zinc used in coating is cast into a large ingot.

Zinc dust
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Zinc dust and other by-products of the zinc industry still contain a lot of zinc metal, which can be recovered and returned to circulation if properly treated.


Recycled copper

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Pure bare copper wire that is electrolytically clean without oxidation and coatings.

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Oxidized copper scrap containing impurities, such as a used water pipe or oxidized copper wires. The verse may contain small amounts of other metals, for example in fasteners.

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Brass in its various forms: sheets, tubes, slabs, etc. May not contain sockets, oxidized or iron-containing pieces.

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Windings of small electric motors originating from incineration plants or from crushing.

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Electrolytically pure copper granulate made from electrical conductors and cables.

Lead cables
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Copper cable with a lead jacket between the insulation layer.

Recycled aluminium

TT Hammel
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Taint Tabor Hammel, i.e. pure mixed alloyed aluminium processed into pieces about the size of a fist.

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Aluminium rims either with accessories (valves, tire weights) or without them.

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Marine aluminium or 5000 series aluminium. Magnesium makes this aluminium alloy corrosion-resistant.

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Cast aluminium pieces that contain silicon and other alloys to guarantee good castability and machinability.


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Electrolytically pure aluminium granulate made from electrical wires and cables.

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An aluminium stick cut from electric wires and magnetized, with iron wires removed from the aluminium.

Recycled transformers

Aluminium core
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Aluminum cores removed from distribution network transformers.

Copper core
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Copper cores removed from distribution network transformers.

Interested in recycled metal products?

Our raw material selection is broad. If you could not find what you were looking for, please contact us.


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