Oily water treatment

We provide our customers with efficient and sustainable solutions for oily waters, such as transportation, analyses and treatments. Fortum offers sustainable turnkey solutions to treat a wide range of oily waters.

Economical benefits

We separate oil and water in our processes, so that the oil can be regenerated into oil and fuel.

Environmental benefits

Our oily water treatment promotes the circular economy as we continuously look for environmentally friendly solutions to reuse oil and thus save valuable raw materials.

Safety benefits

We have vast experience in treating oily waters in a safe and sustainable manner in compliance with all the legislative requirements.

Oily water treatment

Recycling oily waters

Fortum offers sustainable turnkey solutions to treat a wide range of oily waters. Our customers range from the oil and maritime industries to businesses with oil separators and other larger industries.  We treat e.g. oil contaminated water, slop oil, waste oil, sludge, and oil emulsions.

Why choose Fortum for oily water treatment? We can offer you the following:

  • Port discharge facilities
  • Customized logistics chain
  • Option for storage capacity
  • Flexibility and optional treatment methods
  • Capacity guarantee
  • Consultancy services
  • High corporate responsibility
  • High environmental and health standards
  • Traceability

If you have oily waters that should be redirected for treatment and reuse, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Morten Jacobsen

Product Line Manager - Oily Waters
Tel: +4529293263

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