Reception and treatment of industrial waste

We provide our customers with a wide range of industrial waste treatment and recycling options.

Cost efficient
Economical benefits

We help our customers to reduce their environmental footprint and costs by treating waste for reuse.

Environmental friendly
Environmental benefits

Our wide range of environmentally friendly treatment methods ensures an efficient utilisation of different types of waste.

Safety benefits

We base the selection and tailoring of treatment methods on our experience and expert analysis of the waste.

Reception and treatment of industrial waste

We can process and utilise large masses of industrial waste

We start our collaboration at the source of the waste to achieve the best results. This helps to improve and optimise the customer’s processes and practices which reduces the overall waste produced and increases the reusability of the resulting waste.

At our treatment centres, we treat and utilise:

  • Industrial waste
  • Waste from the treatment of municipal waste
  • Waste from construction and services
  • Contaminated soil
  • Other waste

Tailored treatment solutions

We can provide an extensive range of tailored reception and treatment solutions to meet your needs. Waste treated at the treatment centres include ashes, slags, sludges, contaminated soil, sludge and sediments, car shredding waste, construction waste and industrial process waste.

We use a variety of methods to treat waste fractions, such as sorting, separation, solidification, stabilisation, and vacuum treatment. Much of the materials are utilised in the structures of our centres or delivered for use at other sites. Also, metals sorted from slag, for example, are supplied to the metal industries for reuse as material.

Our treatment centres provide a technically, economically and environmentally sound solution even for non-recyclable waste. The acceptability of the waste at landfills is determined by the laboratory analysis. After possible pre-treatment, the waste is delivered for final disposal.