Mixed waste always contains some fractions which cannot be utilised as material. For these kinds of materials, including hazardous fractions, energy recovery is a safe and economically viable option. The energy gained is used for district heating for neighbouring municipalities and electricity for the national grid.

Economical benefits

Throughout our history, we have focused on greater efficiency in the recovery of energy from waste.

Environmental benefits

Replacing fossil fuels by non-recyclable waste fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions and enables low-cost and environmentally friendly production of district heating.

Safety benefits

The total CO2 emissions generated from energy production can be reduced by using waste fuels such as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel).

Waste to energy

Turning waste into energy

Fortum has production facilities in the Nordics and Baltics, where energy from waste is utilised in the form of district heating and process heat as well as electricity. At all our facilities, we have increased the efficiency of heat production from waste for district heating with significant investments during the last couple of years. We work closely with our district heat customers to continuously improve our products, and to help them maintain their competitiveness in the long-term.

The district heating generated by waste incineration is called Eco Heat. We have verified that the district heating produced using waste heat is CO2 neutral. It is climate-friendly as it does not result in carbon dioxide emissions. More specifically, verifiable criteria have been set for the Eco Heat product.

Creating energy solutions together

By combining a customer's knowledge and insights with Fortum's expertise, we can together find cost-effective innovative solutions for their specific materials management and energy production needs.

We create tailored solutions at a competitive price. We believe we can achieve the best results by cooperating on energy-related opportunities.

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