Digital Mobility Services

Fortum Charge & Drive is the most advanced solution for operating an electric vehicle charging network. We are the leading charge point operator (CPO) in the Nordics, and our cloud-based software is used to operate charging networks worldwide. We deliver everything needed to create superior end-user experiences, from sophisticated mobile applications to top-rated customer support.  Our service offering encompasses the entire value chain for electric vehicle charging.  

Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing

Enabling EV charging everywhere

SaaS Platform

Commercial software for operating an EV charging network

Turnkey Solutions

Comprehensive business solutions for EV charging

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Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing

We believe the best results can be achieved by close cooperation and co-creation with our partners and customers. Our cloud solutions enable charging network investors to benefit from our expertise with a modular pay-as-you-grow service model. We rely on open standards and a hardware-agnostic approach, with already over 15 charger manufactures and 30 different charger types certified for use by our customers.  

Fortum’s Digital Mobility Solutions offers customer value-driven, market-leading and proven digital mobility solutions. The solutions are known in the market under the brands Plugsurfing and Charge & Drive. Together we are able to offer a unique and complete package for charging networks: a cloud-based back end system to operate a network, and an customer friendly application to connect with other networks. 

With our applications for EV drivers we already serve over 130 000 registered, and over 40 000 monthly active, users in over 30 countries. We provide access to over 70 000 charging sockets. Our SaaS solution for operators is being used in 17 countries to operate over 2 200 chargers. Since 2017 we have been providing charging services as far as in India.  Our partners are leading car manufacturers (eg. Nissan, Renault, VW, BMW), utilities, charge point operators, and retail companies (eg. McDonalds, IKEA). 

We are ready to take the next step in emobility together.  

Turnkey Solutions for EV Charging

In Finland, Sweden, and Norway, we offer turnkey solutions for electric vehicle charging, including everything from site surveys to hardware selection, installation, operations, and customer support.  

Business Software for Operating an EV Charging Network

We offer our SaaS cloud solution to for commercial use to operate smart networks of electric vehicle chargers. Our platform is hardware agnostic; this means there is no vendor lock-in, the chargers best suited for the location can be used, and network reliability is improved through hardware redundancy.


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