SaaS Platform for EV Charging Network Management

Our electric vehicle charging network is operated on a cloud-based SaaS platform and can be licensed for commercial use worldwide. The Fortum Charge & Drive platform already handles hundreds of thousands of charging sessions per month, from thousands of connected chargers. We offer our software, white-label consumer apps, and a personal commitment to help grow your charging business.

End-User Account Management

Comprehensive tools for account and user management

Cloud service
Network Management

Real-time network communication

Fortum lampovahti
End User Apps

Mobile apps for EV drivers

The most advanced EV charging business solution on the market (video from 2017 - we've grown since then)!


End User Account Management

Create & edit user profiles 
Add & remove payment methods 
Add prepaid balance to end-user accounts 
Charging history 
Deactivate user accounts 

Cloud service

Network Management

Add & remove chargers 
Remote start / stop 
Monitor real-time status 
Remote commands to the station (e.g. update firmware, hard/soft reset) 
Change configuration settings 
Energy consumption per charger 
Transactions per charger 
Multiple pricing alternatives 

Fortum lampovahti

End User Services

Profile management
Locate chargers (map) 
Pay for charging with multiple payment alternatives 
Start & stop charging 
See charging history & receipts 
White-labeled for our SaaS clients 

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