Home Charging

Whether for private individuals or housing associations, Fortum helps our customer through the entire process – from site surveys to planning, hardware recommendations, and installation.

Home charging
Home Charging

Detached and semi-detached houses

Charging services for housing association
Housing Associations

Terraced housing and apartment buildings

Charging services for businesses
Housing Developers

New housing developments

Home Charging Services

Fortum offers home charging solutions for housing associations, tailoring to terraced housing and apartment buildings. We offer services for retrofitting existing parking lots and have worked closely with housing developers to prepare new housing for future EV charging requirements.  

Fortum also offers home charging solutions for private individuals living in detached and semi-detached houses in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. While there may be benefits for the customer if they have an electricity contract with Fortum as well as home charging, having Fortum as the electricity supplier is not a requirement to purchase our home charging solutions.  


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