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Climate Subsidy is Back in Sweden

10 August 2019, 9:29 EEST

The subsidy for charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid cars (formerly "Klimatklivet") is back in Sweden; the subsidy grants up to 50% investment from the government.

Woman in electric car

This summer, investment support for public, non-public, and private electric vehicle charging was announced in Sweden. The subsidy makes it possible to receive up to 50% (max. SEK 15 000) in support from the government for EV charging infrastructure development. The subsidy is welcome to support as the popularity of BEVs and PHEVs in Sweden continues to grow, and demands on charging infrastructure increase.

Fortum Charge & Drive Home Charging

Fortum Charge & Drive has plenty of experience in home charging and the application process for the government subsidy. We help businesses, housing associations, and homeowners get access to safe and reliable EV charging solutions, and we provide help and support in applying for the subsidies as well. Read more (in Swedish).

EV & PHEV Fleet in Sweden 2008 - 2019

According to, there are a total of 88 100 registered EVs in Sweden. With EVs growing in popularity at over 60% each year (according to, the demand for safe and accessible EV charging infrastructure is evident.

Image source: (02.09.2019).